Math 387 course resources

Math 387, Spring 2021

Course information

Meeting times: M,W from 1:30–2:45pm
Textbook: Bogart and Flahive, Discrete mathematics through guided discovery (provided) Problems: Homework and classwork schedule
Contact: scoskey@boisestate.edu
Office hours: Tuesday at 1:30 and by appointment (different link, see blackboard)

Course description

Math 387 is a successor to Math 187/189 and Math 287. We will continue our study of topics in discrete math using a proof-based approach. The material we cover will include methods of counting, graph theory, and counting using generating functions. At the same tmie we will strive to improve on our investigative powers, our proof-writing ability, and our appreciation for mathematical methods and beauty.

Anticipated learning outcomes

Rough plan

Course format

The course will be delivered through synchronous remote class sessions. The majority of each session will be spent working together in small groups and participating in class discussions.


In-class participation 10%

The textbook uses a guided discovery format, which means most learning happens through problem solving and discussions. You are expected to attend remote class sessions, and to be prepared to discuss and work on current material. You will receive credit for each class day that you attend and participate successfully.

Classwork notebook 10%

The work you do in class will slowly accumulate and become a lengthy notebook. In cases when we don’t finish an assigned problem during the class, I will either delay it, cancel it, or ask you to attempt it at home. I will periodically evaluate your notebook for evidence of activity on every problem requested.

Homework 40%

Each week I will assign selected problems to be written up carefully and submitted as formal homework. Many of these problems will be from class the previous week. Your work may represent substantial collaborations with your classmates, but keep in mind that you must always fully understand your solutions and most importantly write them in your own words.

Assessments 20% x2

I will give a take-home exam approximately the 8th week and the finals week of the class.


This syllabus is subject to change. I may make refinements and updates in the first week of classes. While I don’t expect any substantial changes, please allow for some flexibility. I will give notice before making any changes to the syllabus.