Master’s thesis students

Zariski geometries and quantum mechanics
A master’s thesis by Milan Zanussi, Spring 2021

Computable reducibility of equivalence relations
A master’s thesis by Gianni Krakoff, Spring 2019

The classification problem for models of set theory
A master’s thesis by Samuel Dworetzky, Spring 2017

On the classification of vertex-transitive structures
A master’s thesis by Stephanie Potter, Spring 2017

On the conjugacy problem for automorphisms of trees
A master’s thesis by Kyle Beserra, Spring 2016

Senior thesis students

Pythageorean theorem
A senior thesis by Kennedy Burgess, Spring 2021

Four color theorem
A senior thesis by Samantha Decker, Spring 2021

The history and application of Benford’s law
A senior thesis by Hunter Clark, Fall 2020

Internal sorting methods
A senior thesis by Rebekah Bitikofer, Fall 2020

Combinatorial designs
A senior thesis by Thomas Brice, Spring 2020

The nametag problem
A senior thesis by Christian Carley, Spring 2019

The hyperreals; do you prefer non-standard analysis over standard analysis?
A senior thesis by Chloe Munroe, Spring 2019

Fractals, what are they?
A senior thesis by Nicole Reese, Spring 2019

Pythagorean theorem area proofs
A senior thesis by Rachel Morley, Fall 2018

Euclidian geometry proposed lesson plans
A senior thesis by Joe Willert, Fall 2018

Spherical trigonometry
A senior thesis by Phung Le, Spring 2018

Solving polynomial equations by radicals
A senior thesis by Mack Fox, Fall 2016

An examination of the euclidean algorithm
A senior thesis by Ethan Stieha, Fall 2016

An introductory look at deterministic chaos
A senior thesis by Ken Coiteux, Spring 2014

Axioms of set theory and equivalents of axiom of choice
A senior thesis by Farighon Abdul Rahim, Spring 2014